lol I still buy from Lime Crime (even though I know the Doe Deere controversies.)

Because goddamn those Velvetines are too good to give up.


Adam + Sherlock + violin


Well, Naruto’s dying, Sasuke got stabbed in the chest…

You know what, though? I really like that Gaara’s getting some attention. His relationship with Naruto is so meaningful and I think it’s kind of easy to forget about him because he’s not from Konoha…(but that’s just me.)

And because Naruto’s out of commission…maybe Sakura will get a chance to do something? She’s had too much damn development to just be cast aside.

And what about Hinata??

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I am one of five people who actually ships Legolas and Tauriel together which makes me uncontrollably angsty/angry

Do I make six?