The Problem with Sansa Stark: In Defense of One of the Most Hated Characters in Game of Thrones

I love this.

The problem with Sansa Stark is that she is just most of us, and so we hate her. The reality is, most of us live entrenched lives, relying on foundations and systems that we’ve been familiar with since birth, trusting that the institutions will stay strong, hoping that we will never need to start all over. Most of us aren’t iconoclasts like Arya, combatting the injustices of the patriarchy from day one. Most of us aren’t dragons like Daenerys, possessing inner gifts that allow us to transcend any limitations that the rest of the world endures. Most of us are trying to do the best we can in an ever-changing world while also trying to uphold the values and ideals we’ve always held close. Arya and Daenerys are who we want to be, but Sansa is who most of us are. And that’s just fine. Sansa might not ever be queen. Sansa might not ever exact revenge on those who killed her father and mother and brother. But Sansa is doing something just as remarkable for the world she navigates: she is surviving.”

lol I still buy from Lime Crime (even though I know the Doe Deere controversies.)

Because goddamn those Velvetines are too good to give up.


Adam + Sherlock + violin


Well, Naruto’s dying, Sasuke got stabbed in the chest…

You know what, though? I really like that Gaara’s getting some attention. His relationship with Naruto is so meaningful and I think it’s kind of easy to forget about him because he’s not from Konoha…(but that’s just me.)

And because Naruto’s out of commission…maybe Sakura will get a chance to do something? She’s had too much damn development to just be cast aside.

And what about Hinata??

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